Tips For Playing Mobile Slot Games

Below is a range of mobile slot games which you are able to play at any Microgaming powered mobile casino, and each of these slots are very popular with players as they all offer a unique playing structure or some form of unique base or bonus game feature.

Should you enjoy playing mobile slots and are the type of player who likes to play a large number of slot games per session then have a look through the following listing as we have put together a range of playing tips that you may be interested to know.

The best tip we can pass onto any mobile slot game player however is for you to only play the Best Paying Microgaming Mobile Slots those being the ones which have been designed with above average payout percentages!

Halloweenies – The tip we want to pass on to you for playing the Halloweenies mobile slot game which has a RTP of 95.52% is if you like playing slots which award free spins is to simply play this slot! For the free spins trigger on average once every 76 base game spins which is way lower than the average number of fee spins you need to play off on most other Microgaming mobile slots before the free spins round is triggered!

High Society – Our playing tip for Microgaming’s High Society slot which has a payout percentage set quite high at a respectable 95.84% is for you to always pick the same free spins option when the bonus game is triggered. You can pick two different ways to play off your free spins, however by always playing the same one you will never be left wondering if the other one would have paid out more, and over time you will get plenty of high paying bonus rounds to offset those lower paying ones which are likely to be awarded and played out!

Lion’s Pride – You will need to play all 100 paylines of the Lion’s Pride slot game if you want to have the chance of winning what could be a once in a life time bonus game jackpot payout, for when you do and the free spins are awarded this slot which has a payout percentage of 95.90% will award you with up to 25 free spins on which the multiplier valued could be as high as x10!

Tomb Raider – Our Tomb Raider mobile slot playing tip is much like the tip we gave you for playing off the bonus round on the High Society slot game, however when playing the Tomb Raider slot which for reference has a payout percentage of 95.22% and you trigger the pick to win bonus game, always stick to picking off the same three idols off the bonus game screen as over time you will experience both high and modest paying bonus rounds.

Tally Ho – One valuable mobile Tally Ho slot playing tip is for you to only ever play this slot with all of its paylines in play and activated, this is due to the multipliers being in play during that bonus round being set high and if you play with fewer than all of its paylines live and in play you will experience free spins on which high paying winning combinations may spin in but on paylines you have no put into play! The Tally Ho slot also comes with a high RTP of 95.87% and as such is a great mobile slot to play.

Stash of the Titans – Much like when you play the Tally Ho mobile slot game when you choose to play the Stash of the Titans slot always opt to play maximum paylines for the multiplier in play during the free spins round are worth x4 and when playing maximum lines and also maximum coins per spin you could win a bonus game payout worth a whopping 200.000 coins which will not happen if you play fewer than all of its optional paylines, if you are interested in the RTP of this slot then it is a fairly high paying game which has a certified and published RTP of 95.07%.

Mad Hatters – The Mad Hatters mobile slot game comes with a payout percentage of 96.08% and when playing it as soon as you trigger the bonus feature round you will be given the option of picking one of the three Mad Hatter reel symbols to become an additional wild symbol for the duration of your free spins. One tip we can pass onto you for playing this slot is to pick the yellow hat wearing Mad Matter as there may be more chance of that symbol spinning in during the free spins round and helping to complete winning combinations!

Kathmandu – If you choose to get stuck into playing the Kathmandu mobile slot game which comes with a very generous payout percentage of 96.29%, and you cannot resist taking the gamble game option then our slot playing tip for this game is for you to opt to pick the colour of the next card drawn out and not the suit of the next card for the former is a 50-50 type wager and not a 3 to 1 type bet!

The Grand Journey – The tip we can give you for playing the Grand Journey mobile slot game which has a 96.35% payout percentage, is to keep calm and not get carried away trying to chase the bonus free spins feature round. This slot has a free spin feature on which any losing free spin played on results in the next free spin having an increased multiplier attached to it, and you can spend a small fortune trying to trigger the free spins round and when it is awarded you may never get higher than the lower valued multipliers.

Agent Jane Blonde – The tip we can give you for playing the Agent Jane Blonde slot which has a certified RTP of 96.10% is to avoid taking the gamble game option, for whilst you could be lucky and win several gamble games on the trot if that does not happen and you have lots of consecutive losing outcomes your mobile casino account balance will be decimated!