Strategy for Mobile BlackJack

European-Blackjack-iPhone-438x219If you are interested in playing Blackjack on a mobile then you will of course be looking for the best variant on offer and how to put into play the best strategy for that variant. There are currently four Blackjack games which you are going to be able to play when logged into a Microgaming mobile casino site and the one you ought to be playing is their single hand Classic Blackjack game.

The design of the mobile Classic Blackjack game is such that when playing perfect strategy the expected long term house edge is tiny, in fact it works out as just 0.13% which makes it lowest house edge game Microgaming have available on their mobile gaming platforms.

But do be warned when playing any Blackjack game whether on a mobile device, online or in a land based casino you must learn how to play each hand optimally as by doing so you will not end up increasing the house edge due to game play mistakes.

With this in mind we have compiled a listing of the perfect strategy for Microgaming’s mobile Classic Blackjack game below which is going to show you how you should play every single hand perfectly.

When to Split Cards Playing Mobile Classic Blackjack

When you are dealt out any pair of cards which share the same value when playing mobile Classic Blackjack you are allowed to split those cards and form two new hands, be aware you cannot however split any unalike pair of 10 valued cards.

Once you choose to split a pair of cards you need to place another bet on the new hand formed equal to your original base game hand. To save you splitting hands and being forced to pay that additional stake when that is not the correct strategic way of playing that hand below is an overview of when you need to split a hand to ensure you are playing this mobile Blackjack game perfectly.

You should always split a Pair of Aces and never split a pair of 10’s as the best way to play a pair of 10’s is to stand those hands, any pair of 9’s you have been dealt out should always be split unless the dealer has a face up card worth 7, 10 or an Ace and if so stand your hand instead. Splitting any pair of 8’s is the correct strategic move but only if the dealer has not got a 10 or Ace showing and if that is the case stand your hand.

A pair of 7’s should be split when the Dealers card is not an 8, 9 or an Ace card if he is hit your hand, should you have  a pair of 7’s and the Dealer has a 10 valued card showing stand that hand. Any pair of 6’s should always be split when the Dealer has an up facing card worth from and including 2 to 6 in value. If the card the Dealer is showing when you have a pair of 6’s is a 7 to Ace valued card hit your hand instead.

You should split any pair of 2’s when the Dealers up card is worth from 3 to 7 and hit that pair when faced with a Dealers card worth higher than 8 or a 2 valued card. The same rules apply to splitting a pair of 3’s with the exception of when the Dealer is showing a 3 valued card in which case you need to hit that hand also.

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Best Time to Double Down When Playing Mobile Classic Blackjack

Always double down your pair of 5’s when playing Classic Blackjack on a mobile device when the Dealers card is worth from 2 to 9 in value. This double down perfect strategy move is also the same when you have been dealt out a 10 or 11 valued initial two card hand. Double down any pair of 9’s but not when the Dealer is showing a 10 or Ace valued card if so hit that hand instead.

When to Stand Your Hand Playing Mobile Classic Blackjack

You should stand any hard hand worth 17 or higher in value and also make sure that you stand any soft 19 or higher valued hand. Any hard 13 to 16 hand when the Dealer has a 2 to 6 valued card should be stood and you should stand a hard 12 when the Dealer is showing a 4, 5 or 6 valued card. If the dealer is showing any other card when you have been dealt out any of the above hard or soft hands then you should hit those hands instead.

Always stand a pair of 10’s and a pair of 7’s but only when the Dealers face up card is a 10 and stand  a pair of 9’s when the Dealer is showing a 7, 10 or an Ace card. If you have been dealt out a soft 18 valued hand you should stand those hands when the Dealer is showing any card which is not either a 9 or 10 valued card if that is the case hit your hand instead.

Hit All Other Hands

If you are dealt out any other two card initial hand which is not listed above you should always hit those hands. You should always play the above strategy when playing the mobile Classic Blackjack game if you want to get the expected long term house edge of 0.13%, playing any other way will increase that house edge


The Insurance side bet option is never a good bet to place when it is offered to you, that wager has attached to it a very large and very unattractive house edge and as such if you do ever take the Insurance bet option you will be instantly increasing the expected long term 0.13% house edge attached to this mobile Blackjack game which is something that you will not want to do!